Today is Coloring Day

Overview of testing out the stars. Anyone I don’t love becomes a potholder. It’s a good life for a star.

Loving these!

Remember when it was time to color?  A rainy day.  Nothing to do.  Mom pulls out the coloring books and a box of Crayola.  The smell of new crayons is probably the happiest smell I know.  (if smells can be happy).

Sure they can!  Here’s a list of happy smells: freshly cut grass.  Open windows on the way to the ocean.  Clean sheets on a line.  And nothing brings back that Crayola box like Tula Pink.  Honestly.  So here I am, almost as old as breakfast cereal, pulling out these vibrant, amazing colors, and creating joy.  If I WAS in a rut, I’m out now!  Tula has that effect.

Join me at the kitchen table for some crazy serious fun with color.  I’m thinking of doing a live facebook just to give a step-by-step how-to.  Make sure you like the page at to join in when I’m posting!  Happening sometime next week, when the grandkids are at school and the house is quiet.  Right.  Like THAT ever happens.

Laying it all out on the table before beginning really helped with the planning.

The basting has begun!

a view of the center idea. More basting and we’ll see if I can keep my compasses. Ships were easily fussy cut as well, but it turns out, I loved the compass and star more.  The fabric I am referring to is the cuts (not basted yet) just outside the tiger center.

Crazy fun tools. No, I don’t NEED more thread. Somehow, though, I am happier in my soul with these lovelies. Every time I open the box I am shocked, and happy. Shocked that I took this chance. Happy I can still surprise myself. Every day you learn something.


I found it easy to use a size 12 quilting needle with these threads. They are paper thin, strong, and glide with ease. Never thought I’d use such a tiny needle! Works.

choosing my star fabrics, in order. Some will be fussy cut with, say, a flower or pattern on each star point…others I want to achieve a perfect patterned star. I will post a step by step for fussy cutting a perfect star in the next blog!

Here is a sample of the perfect patterned star: I fussy cut all over the fabric to match the star EXACTLY as it is printed. With the diamond star, I simply fussy cut one diamond in the center of each point. This whole quilt is a fussy cutting dream job. LOL

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