I love Lucy Boston!

Boston in the Fall: our newest Lucy quilt, and we’re lovin’ it big time. The colors are amazing! But then again, it’s Autumn in New England, and with that kind of inspiration all around, you can’t go wrong. I literally start working on every block and say, “oooooo I LOVE this one BEST! This one is AMAZING!” … daughter Charlotte, in the meantime, rolls her eyes and just snaps the photos…

This is just one way to arrange the exclusive Tina Givens Afternoon Playground block.

The first step to creating a stunning Lucy Boston Block: work with lights and darks in contrasting colorways. (try a complementary set of blocks as well, added to a quilt, they really add a lovely, restful touch). I’m using a clear template to cut my blocks, so I can see what will fit in each frame. You’ll find them at www.peggyannes.com in the Lucy Boston department. Any pattern you cut from the cloth will create a NEW patten when quilted into a Lucy Boston block! That’s the fun of it.

First step! Fold your fabric around the first two sides of the honeycomb paper, and make a quilter’s knot (two stitches instead of one) in that corner, catching all the fabrics. You can go through a third time if you don’t think this will hold.

Folding the first edge over the pre cut paper. Find the papers at www.peggyannes.com!

Fold over the next edge, creating a corner, and run a stitch through your second corner. Follow through with each remaining corner until the last.

Tucking and sewing the corners in place

Last corner! Finish with a quilter’s knot.

Finis! Create as many as you can, with careful fussy cutting, from each piece of fabric. Four 10″ squares of fabric should yield enough for one block, while four fat quarters yield four to six blocks!

First finished honeycomb

First finished honeycomb


Bunches of Bumblebees, ready for the block!

Bunches of Bumblebees, ready for the block!

Complete 24 honeycombs from each fat quarter to create 4 blocks, and stay tuned for step 2 in our Lucy Boston in the Fall series!  #LucyMondays #LucyBostonJoy #tinagivens #lucyboston #ilovelucyboston #EPP #EnglishPaperPiecing #EPPeverywhere #PatchworkoftheCrosses #POTC #YouDownWithEpp #AnnaMariaHOrner #DenyseSchmidt #VictoriaandAlbertMuseum #VictoriaandAlbert #FreeSpiritFabrics #WestminsterFibers #IamaFreeSpirit #Handmade #Patchwork #kaffe #kaffefassett #millefiori #newhexagon #lapassacaglia #millefioriquilts

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