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Art Therapy: $10 per session!

…And Dr. Lucy is IN!  Coloring books are good…Lucy Boston is better.  Just saying.  If you have never tried English Paper Piecing, this is a great club to start in: you will be working with color and design all summer long, creating one of a kind, spectacular polychromatic prisms with LUCY BOSTON!  We have worked for days curating a special assortment of florals, Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass, Paperweight,  Millefiore, and low volume prints for this lovely summer quilt. Each kit features one Kaffe Fassett CLASSIC Roman Glass, Paperweight, or Millefiore print in a variety of color combos for a truly spectacular summer tribute!  Think of it as a dazzling fireworks display for your couch. You’ll have to wait until June 5 for the first wondrous summer block to appear!  We reveal a breathtaking new block every week.

The Good News: Each kit creates 1 – 2 blocks, so they are mini versions of our regular size kits, and VERY quick to cut and assemble!

The Better News: This set is a series of 12 blocks, PLUS A SETTING KIT, so you will have everything you need to create your own Lucy Boston sampler…

Best News Yet: $10 per week, delivered to your door starting June 4.  That’s right, shipping included.  We’re taking sign ups now, because when they’re gone, they’re GONE.  Why the short supply,  you ask?  (drumroll please)  because the Spectacular News is, we are including one Tina Givens Afternoon Playground block at the end of the series!!   This block will not be sold a la cart.  (the afternoon playground fabric is out of print, and sells for $25 per fat quarter on Etsy: check it out).   I just happened to have some in the shop, and it just happens to be PERFECT for Lucy Boston blocks, and the rest is history.

Lucy Boston afternoon playground block

Tina Givens beautiful bees in the last block of our summer series!